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Relationship & Sexuality

This workshop is designed to address some later recovery issues.  We will look at romantic relationship, sexuality, relationship to friends, family, jobs, self and God.  This workshop will empower each participant to better understand themselves and their relationships with others.  Who defines who you are?


The struggle to disown or reject parts of ourselves creates more pain.  The nature of the human being is to project onto others the qualities we find repulsive to own in ourselves.  This workshop is designed to allow each woman to begin to identify and embrace all of the messages received throughout life.  In this workshop we learn to integrate them in an empowering manner to experience peace and joy.  Behavior learned or adopted in early childhood as well as later traumas create wounds and thus patterns that cause problems in relationships including loneliness, isolation and addictions. 

In this workshop we create safety to talk freely about love, pleasure, sex, victimization, empowerment and other concepts.

1) Learn what the specific stages of relationship are and how they mirror the stages of recovery. 

2) Learn your personal patterns in relationship that contribute to discomfort and lack of joy. 

3) Learn the specific messages that are empowering or disempowering the expression of your sexuality.

4)Learn specifics of how your trauma has affected you, your body and your ideas of yourself as a woman. Love/Relationship addiction and Food/body issues included in overall workshop. 

5) Leave workshop with individualized plan to nurture yourself.


The addiction to looking elsewhere, trying to protect the delicate, “true self” or inner child. This inner self is in fact powerful when allowed to emerge with self parenting. Escape from the pain of everyday life. by Charles Whitfield, MD

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