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Imago Relationship

“One of the most exciting relationships you will ever have is with yourself.  Why is it you are drawn to particular people?  Why do you love some experiences, but dread others?  Learning more about yourself helps you get much more out of your relationships with others.  Through Imago you can uncover patterns that are not working for you and learn about how to make new relationships more successful.”  (from Imago website

An Imago, "Keeping the Love You Find" workshop is a great opportunity for discovery and development.  It is the right workshop for you if you are an individual seeking personal growth, enhanced communication and relationship skills.  Even if you are in a relationship or have completed the "Getting the Love You Want", this workshop is recommended as an incredible voyage of self-discovery.  This powerful workshop is based on the bestselling book ,"Keeping the Love You Find" by Harville Hendrix, PhD, Imago Individuals workshop.

This is my most favorite workshop to teach.  This information and work gave me exactly what I needed to feel empowered in relationship regardless of what the other did or didn’t do!  Such a gift. 


1) Uncover your relationship patterns and learn about your disowned and potential selves. 

2) Learn how and why we choose the romantic partners that we choose.

3) Learn to empower yourself to get your needs met in relationship, understanding that underneath every frustration is a need not getting met.

4) Learn to grieve and let go of past partners

Please look at Imago website for any more information:

“What is Imago?

Imago Relationship Therapy (IRT) was created by Dr. Harville Hendrix, author of the best-selling “Getting the Love You Want: A Guide For Couples (1988).”

The term Imago is Latin for “image,”and refers to the “unconscious image of familiar love.”  Simply put, there is often a connection between the frustrations experienced in adult relationships and early childhood experiences.   For example: If you frequently felt criticized as a child, you will likely be sensitive to any criticism from, and feel criticized often by your partner.  Likewise, if you felt abandoned, smothered, neglected, etc., these feelings will come up in your marriage/committed relationships.

Most people face only a few of these “core issues,” but they typically arise again and again within partnerships.  This can overshadow all that is good in the relationship, leaving people to wonder if they have chosen the right mate.  So here is the good news: When you can understand each other’s feelings and “childhood wounds” more empathically, you can begin to heal yourself and your relationship, and move toward a more conscious relationship.

Imago Relationships International can help you do this by teaching the “Imago Dialogue” process, and helping you move from blame and reactivity to understanding and empathy.  With this process,you can transform  conflicts into opportunities for healing and growth, and connect more deeply and lovingly with your intimate partner.”

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