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" How wonderful to go beyond wanting and fearing in your relationships.  Love does not want or fear anything."   Eckhart Tolle

Meet Ann

My name is Ann Brooks Martin.  I was given the gift of sobriety June 24, 1984 and have since lived a life of recovery, self-exploration, pain and lots of joy.  My personal journey inspired a professional life as a counselor, teacher and facilitator.  By leading workshops, I strive to bring my experience, strength, and hope to partner with you and your loved ones to communicate more effectively and build a foundation for living and loving.  


My hope is to support with integrity and love the journey of women, couples, men and families to reach their highest potential.  I have four workshops to help to empower you to be all of whom you can be in recovery, relationship and life.  

Addictions such as  Alcohol, Drugs, Sex, Love, Relationships, Gambling, Work and Food are rampant across all facets of life.  Hopelessness and wounded relationships are direct manifestations of our inability to form meaningful connection.  The addictions are the symptoms.  Our search for relief from life's challenges is part of the human condition.

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Workshops I Specialize In...
These workshops will help you to find the wisdom that has always been within you. 




"I have participated in a number of workshops hosted by Ann over the years, and have ALWAYS been greatly helped by what I've learned from these sessions.


Ann's style is uniquely understanding and supportive; I heartily recommend her to anyone interested in learning more about themselves."

- Geoffrey M.

"it was the most informative and inspirational weekend workshop!  I was able to process trauma, learn techniques to help me in my day to day and make lasting friendships.  Ann embodies grace, perception and expertise.  Thank you.

- Tina K.

"Ann has helped me discover the inner child in me. She has been there to be someone to trust and tell my secrets. She is someone who understands the disease of addiction. No matter how hopeless I’ve felt she was there to help. Thanks my friend. "

- Susan F.

"I have known Ann Martin for over 30 years. She has helped me through family addiction and the death of my husband. She is compassionate and has helped me in many ways. One thing that has made a major impact in my life  is trying  to learn to  listen when I need to and only hear when it is healthy for me. Still working on that one!"

- Dennie J.

" I attended a week-long Relapse Prevention Program facilitated by 

Ann that we nicknamed "going to treatment sober" because it did not take long

to get to the stuff that was holding us back and hurting us.  I highly recommend working with Ann professionally to anyone willing to

step up to the next level in their awareness.

I have been blessed to know Ann in many capacities but most important to me

as another sober woman."

- Anne H.

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Book a Workshop

I am available to speak or present a workshop at your center or conference on relationship/recovery issues.  I facilitate workshops both small and large for professionals, clinicians, patients in residential or outpatient treatment and individuals or couples wanting more passion in life and relationship.

I invite you to contact me for any other requests, questions or concerns. 

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